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CHINA NATIONAL SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS AND MATERIALS IMPORT AND EXPORT CORPORATION is a leading Chinese manufacturer and supplier of Laboratory Glassware, Laboratory Porcelain£¬Laboratory Instruments,Teaching Instruments and etc.

We can provide more than 200 varieties and over 1000 specifications of Laboratory Glassware, which including Erlenmeyer Beaker, Flask, Reagent Bottle, Aspirator Bottle, Filtering Flask, Weighing Bottle, Dropping Bottle, Desiccator, Petri Culture Dish,Crystallizing Dish, Funnels, Test Tube, Adapter Tube, Connection Tube, Centrifuge Tubes, Alcohol Lamp, Mortar, Measuring Cylinder, Volumetric Flasks, Measuring Pipette, Transfer Pipette, Burette, Distilling Apparatus, Specific Gravity Bottles, Microscope Slide, Cover Glass, Laboratory Thermometer, and etc. more>>

Dates & Facts:
39th International Trade Fair with CongressWorld Forum for Medicine
14th ¨C 17th November 2007 (Wednesday ¨C Saturday)
D¨¹sseldorf Trade Fair Centre